My students are becoming young professionals. They design and plan their unique learning paths with cutting-edge project management techniques like Scrum while working in diverse teams. I pitch content learning goals–the WHAT–and each team plans a unique HOW. I coach students through goal setting and they learn to ask for specific learning materials based on their goals. We run feedback sessions and retrospectives weekly.

Organizing my class this way has made learning so FUN!

My disciplinary “write-ups” have decreased by 90% since implementing these learning techniques because my students are so engaged.

The Wicked Problem Solver practitioner badge will empower me to teach collaborative problem-solving techniques and engage even the most reluctant learners. When I invest in professional growth, my students reap exponential benefits. Help me fund my next professional goal on Donors Choose. Together, we can empower my students to change the world!

Student Scrum Boards following Sprint Planning.

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